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Hawaii Superferry Transportation

Are you going to be doing some island hopping?

Hawaii FerryTraveling between all of the Hawaiian Islands by boat is not a new concept. The early Polynesians learned about these waters many hundreds of years ago. This tradition soon began to fade away with the advent of commercial aviation. Hawaii Superferry is honoring that oceangoing spirit by making boat travel an important part of life, once again.

Hawaii Superferry intends to be much more than just another way to get from one Hawaiian island to the next. They expect the new interisland ferry to be a positive change for Hawaii.

The Hawaii Superferry lets you drive aboard in your own rental car and park on the car deck with all your belongings packed within. Once safely on the ship, you’re free to enjoy, relax in the lounges, eat, drink, and visit. You can watch live TV or, better yet, watch the ocean go by. Riding the Hawaii Superferry can be a wonderful part of your trip. A short Hawaiian cruise, if you will!

Upon docking at you destination, you simply drive off the ferry in your rental car, without having to touch your baggage or rush for ground transportation. The Hawaii Superferry is likely to change the way you feel about interisland travel.

Please Note:
Be prepared, rental car customers using the Hawaii Superferry must obtain a Superferry Addendum that allows the customer to take the vehicle on board the ferry. Without an addendum, the vehicle will not be allowed on the Superferry. If you need the Addendum, ask for one at the rental counter when you pick-up your car.

What all customers need to know when traveling on Hawaii Superferry:
* You must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your departure.
* Bring your booking confirmation and boarding passes with you on your travel date.
* A government-issued photo ID is required for all passengers 18 years of age and over, and all unaccompanied minors.
* Driver of vehicle must present a valid driver’s license.
* Excessively dirty or muddy vehicles will not be permitted.
* No plants or roots are permitted except those that are inspected by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture.
* Domestic pets may travel in an International Air Transport Association (IATA)-approved pet kennel for a nominal fee, or in a vehicle at no charge.
* There is no parking available at or near the piers. We recommend walk-on passengers to be either dropped off or take public transportation to the ferry terminals.
* Walk-on passengers will need to check their luggage at the ticketing counter.
* All strollers must be placed on the luggage cart or inside your vehicle. No strollers are permitted on the passenger deck for safety reasons.
* Hawaii Superferry is wheelchair accessible, but please bring your own wheelchair.
* Advice for motion sickness: Do not skip eating, but avoid spicy or greasy foods; sip water or ginger ale; stand and look at a fixed point on the horizon; avoid reading; avoid alcohol and coffee.
* Over-the-counter medicines for motion sickness can be effective if taken before or at the start of the trip.

Shuttle service will be made available between Hawaii Superferry and the rental car offices for both pick up and drop off.

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